ClassicBond® Flat Roof

The original EPDM flat roof system

When you need a sustainable, long-lasting rooftop, look no further than the single-ply membrane with a half-century track record of performance and durability – ClassicBond… the original EPDM flat roof system.

The fast, simple and trusted flat roof system

Manufacured by the world’s leading EPDM manufacturer, ClassicBond roof systems offer economical, easy installation and require no special tools or installation equipment.

This makes it the perfect choice for both refurbishments and new build projects.

Exceptional Durability ClassicBond EPDM membranes offer unmatched resistance to all extremes of weather. Tests prove that roofs were performing like new after three decades of exposure.

High Quality: Manufactured by the world leaders in EPDM roofing. ClassicBond membranes are BBA & CE approved and hold the highest European fire ratings.

Strength:Large choice of roll widths, incredible strength and flexibility to suit any flat roof project. ClassicBond EPDM has been the roofers choice for projects of all sizes and complexity the world over.



Variety of widths & thicknesses


Will not tear, split or crack


Heat & flame free installation


Maintenance free & environmentally friendly


Resists extreme temperature, UV & ageing

Peace of Mind

20 Year membrane warranty
Flat roof system

What is EPDM?

EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) widely used in low-slope buildings worldwide.
Flat roof system EPDM

ClassicBond EPDM Membranes

Professional grade EPDM membranes available in 1.2mm and premium 1.5mm thicknesses.

Features: Available in 3.05, 4.57, 6.10, 7.63 & 9.15m wide by 30.5m long. 1.2mm & 1.5mm thick sheets.


BBA Cert

BBA Certified

ClassicBond EPDM flat roofing system has been awarded the British Board of Agrément certificate, No. 11/4853, with an service life in excess of 35 years.

The BBA carries out assessment, testing, approval and certification
of products and systems for the construction industry against national requirements, internationally recognised standards or other relevant technical specifications.

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