About Us

Company History

Celuplast was founded in 1988 by our current Managing Director Joe Kearney. Initially there were three Directors involved with two based in Dublin and one in Cork. With Ireland’s economy pretty much on the floor in 1988 it was an extremely challenging time to attempt to introduce a completely new product range to a very depressed marketplace. Products such as Upvc Fascia, Soffit and Window trims were unheard of in Ireland and in most countries at this time. Working out of his box bedroom and using his garage for storage Joe must have questioned his decision to proceed with this venture on several occasions. In fact Celuplast very nearly vanished several times during its formative years as Joe and his partners struggled to get traction in the Irish market. Three directors soon became two as the Cork wing of the operation departed the scene in the early nineties and the business limped from crises meeting to crises meeting in efforts to stave off collapse. Then a funny thing happened.....

Joe Kearney had been knocking on the door of hundreds of potential clients will moderate success for two full years and had reached a point where his next move would prove critical in either a positive or negative way. He decided that if he could not get clients to come to him, he would go to them. So with what little cash was left in the bank Joe bought a second hand truck, adapted the box body to carry PVC profiles using his skills a qualified welder and proceeded to fill this truck with products. He then simply drove the length and breadth of the country flogging his wares to all manner of customers. Leaving a wife and young family behind on a weekly basis and often being away for 4 and 5 nights at a time Joe stuck to this task remorselessly. Finally, some traction was created and repeat customers were identified. No magic wand, no moment of inspiration, just extremely hard work and thousands of lonely miles confronted him for some 4 years.

The recession as we all know had a catastrophic effect on Irish industry, especially those companies working within the building and home improvement sector. Celuplast was not immune to this and suffered like most companies at this time. However, swift action including cost cutting measures and some extremely painful job cuts ensured that Celuplast would navigate the next few years with a steady if somewhat uncertain hand. Further development of the Guardian Warm Roof especially in the UK and an expansion of competitively priced paneling products from the Far East helped to give Celuplast a lifeline in troubled times. With strong management team in place pulling together Celuplast emerged from the darkness of recession and into a new era. Nobody wanted the recession but many companies who survived this event will confirm that they learned far more about their company and personnel during the bad times than at any other time.

Celuplast is proud of its history and proud of its magnificent workforce that now totals almost 50 staff across Ireland and the UK. Once again our product offering is expanding under the supervision of a highly qualified procurement and sales team. We now boast the busiest Upvc Trade Counter in Ireland and service the 32 counties on a weekly basis with our own fleet of vehicles. We look forward to a bright future encompassing the values that Joe Kearney brought to the company on its very first day. Values like integrity, loyalty and generosity of spirit. Normally a man of few words Joe has a one liner that sums up the man and his company. “You have to have style, without style you have nothing”

The Celuplast group now encompasses four companies, Celuplast Ltd, Celuplast Conservatory Roof Ltd, Guardian Warm Roof (UK) and Guardian Building Products (UK)

Meet The Team

Joe Kearney

Managing Director

Joe originally founded Celuplast in 1988 and has held the position of Managing Director ever since. We have built a strong company over the years with the help and dedication of our staff many of whom are with us for over twenty years. We expanded our business to include a variety of product lines some of which we manufacture and others we source from all corners of the world. In recent years we have expanded into the UK with Guardian Building Products which is based in Derby and also with the Guardian Warm Roof which is the brand leading conservatory roof replacement system in the UK and Ireland.

Eamon Kearney

Group Sales Director

Eamon has worked with Celuplast for 25 years. Initially a customer of the fledgling company he was persuaded to join the team as sales manager in 1991. During his time with Celuplast he has held several roles within the company including Group Sales Director, Managing Director (Celuplast Conservatory Roofs) and his current most challenging role developing Celuplast's Retail Division. Eamon has also been heavily involved in new product sourcing throughout his time at the company and has helped expand Celuplast's growing product portfolio. 

Ross Darcy

Guardian Warm Roof Operations Director

Ross Darcy has recently been promoted to the position of Operations Director with Guardian Warm Roof Ltd. This UK company is a subsidiary of Celuplast Ltd and has enjoyed solid growth over the past 5 years.

Ross had made remarkable progress through the Celuplast group of companies since joining our floor staff in 2002. Ross has applied himself to his work detail with the same professionalism as he had displayed in his professional football playing days for Tottenham Hotspur.

Rapidly rising through the ranks Ross was appointed General Manager of our Conservatory Dept in 2010. Celuplast are extremely excited with the prospect of Ross directing operations in the fastest growing wing of our group, Guardian Warm Roof Ltd.

Michelle Bradshaw

Sales Manager

Michelle originally joined Celuplast in 2002 after successfully completing her Diploma in Hospitality Management in DIT. After spending 3 years working with the company sales force Michelle decided to test her university qualifications and entered the hospitality industry embarking on a hugely successful 10 year tenure, culminating in her appointment as Area Sales Manager for Hilton Ireland.

Michelle was persuaded to leave the hospitality business and return to Celuplast in 2015 taking up the role as Sales Executive. Michelle brings many years of professionalism and experience to this highly challenging position.

Brendan Morris

Group Purchasing Manager

Brendan brings with him a wealth of experience. During his time with Woodies DIY Brendan headed up a team of 23 specialist buyers including 6 senior buyers and incorporating 32,000 products. His expertise resulted in his appointment to the Grafton Group PLC Procurement board in 2012. Brendan’s drive and initiative was integral to Woodies expansion from 7 to 38 stores during his tenure. Dealing with all aspects of purchasing, warehousing and distribution Brendan was also involved in the merger of two major buying organizations during his time with Woodies.

Previously Brendan held the position of Chief Buyer with National Hardware Ltd and Buyer with Atlantic Homecare Ltd.

Stephen O’ Brien


Stephen joined Celuplast in 2001 after achieving a Degree in Business Studies in DIT College. Initially involved in our Groundwork Sales Division, Stephen championed the sale of our Rubberlok Safety Surfacing products achieving record returns from this range over a 5 year period. He returned to his academic roots to complete an International Selling Program with Enterprise Ireland in 2013 once again achieving outstanding results.

Splitting his time between Ireland and the UK Stephen successfully carried out the role of Group General Manager in recent years. The promotion to Director sees him ascend to boardroom level along with his colleague Ross Darcy.