A unique and innovative extension solution

Expertly constructed with insulated roof and walls, double-glazed windows and strong, steel-reinforced structures, a Guardian Extension is the affordable alternative to a traditional brick-built structure.

Walls are manufactured in a factory controlled environment meaning construction is fast and predicable.

Modern method of construction allows for individual window and door configurations, making the most of available space using modern methods of construction that insulate without the need for thicker walls.

Insulated for your comfort

The Guardian extension utilises the Kingspan TEK® Building System that consists of a high performance rigid urethane insulation core sandwiched between two layers of OS board offering a U-value of up to 0.23W/m2.K.

Most of the construction work is done off-site meaning the complete system is delivered to site ready for installation. The final extension is completed in a fraction of the ‘on-site’ time and at a lower cost than a brick and block built alternative.

Each building is designed and constructed on a bespoke basis, so if you have an idea of the sort of extension you want, or even if you haven’t, please contact us so we can talk you through the process.

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