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How to install garden wall cladding

Apr 28, 2020 | How to guides | 0 comments

How to install garden wall cladding

A step by step guide to installing garden wall cladding

Transforming a garden wall has never been easier. Our garden wall cladding is so simple to install we know you can do it yourself. Read through our installation guide to find out how.

What do you need?

Tape measure

Spirit Level

Hand saw



Screw driver

Non-corrosive screws

What do you need to do?

Fix battens

Whilst you can install our garden wall cladding directly to the wall, we recommend fixing it to battens that are fixed to the wall. This allows you to guarantee there are no lumps and bump, and also to avoid existing elements such as wiring.

Fix the battens to the wall around 400mm apart, and making sure you fix a batten at either end of the area to be covered.

Add base strip

This system is designed to be installed from the ground up. To fix the base of the first row in place, a bottom strip needs to be installed.

Keeping it straight and level, fix one side of the bottom strip to the battens, and click the other side to the panels. Then click the base row into place before screwing through the slows at the top of the panels.

Cut panels as needed

You will likely find that your panels overhang the area you want to cover. If this is the case, simply cut the end panels down using a hand saw.


Repeat this process until you have covered the entire space. Remember, if the panels are too high in the final row, you can cut them using a hand saw.

Install edge trim

To finish the top of the wall neatly, fit an edge trim along the bare top and side edges.

Fixing without battens

You can fix the garden wall cladding directly to a wall, without using battens. We recommend that this is only done if the wall is level and free from raised obstructions.

To fix directly to the wall, use suitable screws and rawl plugs, following the same process as above.

Fixing a corner piece

If you need to cover an external corner, you must fit the corner pieces first. As with the panels, work from the bottom up and cut the top piece as needed. Slide the panels into the corner piece and fix to the wall or battens.

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